Comix & Publications

Haunted Francis Issue Two
44 Pages
First Printing 2022

The continued story of Haunted Francis. Issue Two follows the story of Francis and his skull as they navigate new found success in their career.

Blood Pressure
12 Pages
First Printing 2023

A zine of drawings and writings created in conversation with ceramic work.

Haunted Francis Issue One
44 Pages
First Printing 2019

A punk kid named Haunted Francis has a skull burst out of his chest when he’s 12 that completely disrupts his life in every possible way.
Charlie Cobwebs
28 Pages
Second Printing 2023

A comic that follows the story of Charlie Cobwebs, a boy skeleton trapped in another dimension.

Torture Wracked Issue Four
148 Pages
First Printing 2020

Torture Wracked Issue Four features an eighty page article from editor-in-chief John F. Malta on his journey to Tokyo to attend Wrestle Kingdom. It also features an article on Lucha Underground by Thomas Lloyd and a piece covering the history of the intercontinental title in the WWF by Marc Basque.

No Margins
40 Pages
First Printing 2022

A collection of Illustration and Art Direction projects, process work, and unpublished illustrations.

New Frontiers
32 Pages
First Printing 2021

A zine that collects various drawings and short stories that explore the decay of the new american frontier.