Garbage Pail Kids x Topps

Artists Featured Action Bronson, Bert Krak, CES, Chinatown Market, CLAW MONEY, Cody Hudson, CRASH, DABSMYLA, REVOLT, Esther Kim, Felipe Pantone, FRKO, Globe Collection and Press At MICA, Greg "Craola" Simkin, Hank Reavis, Jenaro Goode, Jeremy Pettis, John F. Malta, Kazi for Babylon, KC Ortiz, KEO, King Saladee, Kristofferson, San Pablo, LIL KOOL, Mark Bode, Marshall LaCount, Milkman, MISTER CARTOON, Modernica, Neena Ellor, Nehemiah Cisneros, Nicholas Barat for Fools Gold, NO PATTERN, OMENS, POSE, Robert Meinhard, Sage Vaughn, SAWBLADE, Soto Gang, SOVIET, STASH, The Perez Bros, Tim Conlon, Travis Millard, Wooden Cyclop, Wulffvnky, Yeye Weller, Zach Rockstad
BEYOND THE STREETS partnered with the legendary Topps Company to release an exclusive limited-edition line featuring over 50 modern artists. Each artist chose their own favorite classic character then added their own twisted to the iconic art. Beloved names like “Kennel Kenny,” Teevee Stevie” or “Wart Morty” have not changed but the imagery is all new.

Art Director Roger Gastman