Haunted Francis Storybook Village 

Project created in collaboration with Cooler Gallery (Brooklyn), Treiber Farms (Long Island), and Cooler Gallery Director Michael Yarinsky as part of the Cooler Ranch residency program on Treiber Farms.

Initially, this project was going to exist as an experiential installation where you’d come in close contact with the worlds and characters depicted in my paintings and comics. Given the state of the world I began to think of a way to deliver this project, that was COVID safe, and true to the initial concept. This lead to the idea of creating a narrative walking tour and roadside attraction titled Haunted Francis Storybook Village.

Large-scale woodcut illustrations were created using a jigsaw and outdoor house paint. The woodcuts were then arranged into tableaus around the farm and follow a narrative story centered around my comic book character Haunted Francis telling ghost stories. To push the experience of viewing the work in person further, I created and composed a narrative soundtrack to accompany each tableau. This can be heard at hauntedfrancis.bandcamp.com - signage prompted Storybook Village visitors to visit this link while walking through the farm

Installed for the month of October in the year 2020 at Treiber Farms on Long Island with the intention to re-install and add to it each Halloween season.